How to Find the Best Sportsbook


When deciding on which sportsbook to use, there are many factors to consider. The best sportsbooks offer a variety of markets, competitive odds, and good reputation. If you are interested in playing on the sportsbook’s website, here are some tips to find the right one. You can also learn more about bonus offers and boosted odds. In this article, you’ll learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of parlays and bonuses.

Boosted odds

Boosted odds at sportsbooks are betting options that are geared toward specific types of events or players. Most sportsbook boosted odds are focused on one or more of the Big Four sports. Other sports are subject to the same boosts. For example, players in golf can be given boosted odds for winning a tournament. They can also receive boosts on certain world events. In addition to boosted odds on individual players, some sportsbooks also feature boosts on 2 and 3-leg moneyline parlays.

Parlay bets

The payout percentage of parlay bets is often less than the payout percentage for individual bets. Because of this, many bettors develop their own handicapping system and set their own point spreads for games. These systems may involve sophisticated algorithms or simple principles. Other factors to consider include home-field advantage, injuries, trends, matchups, and more. A good way to calculate parlay payouts is to multiply each team’s total point spread by its total wager.

Prop bets

While most sportsbooks offer prop bet markets on major league sports, they also accept bets on other events like the Oscars and US politics. If you are a sports fan, you might enjoy betting on debate prop bets, which are offered during US Presidential Debates. These bets give you a chance to guess which candidate is likely to win the debate and the election. To find the best prop bet prices, use a tool such as OddsChecker to compare odds for these speculative bets.


Most sportsbooks offer a variety of bonuses for their customers, ranging from free plays to real cash. These bonuses vary in value and have varying rollover requirements. Some sportsbooks offer only one type of bonus, free plays, while others offer both. Free plays are only worth a fraction of what customers win, while cash bonuses are much higher. FanDuel, for example, offers a $1,000 risk-free bet and PointsBet will match bets up to $2,000 on a football game.

Geolocation restrictions

If you’ve ever played a game at a sportsbook, you’ve likely run into geolocation restrictions. You’ve downloaded a mobile app and placed a bet, only to find out that the sportsbook didn’t accept your bet because your location wasn’t listed. This is an extremely frustrating situation. The good news is that sportsbooks are legally required to conduct this type of verification, and geolocation is one way to ensure that you’re in the right place.

Limits to free bets

If you’ve never used a sportsbook before, there are a few things to know before signing up. Most free bet offers are available as a set amount you can wager when you sign up, and you’re not permitted to withdraw this money as cash. So, for example, you may be able to use $5 of your free bet money to place a big bet on a multi-team parlay. However, some sportsbooks limit the amount of money you can withdraw.