Shelter Partner Program

A Scalable Post Adoption Support Program

Shelter Partner FAQs

What is the liability to the shelter?

None! Each user agrees to the terms and conditions that we are a separate entity, and our partner shelters are not responsible or liable for any information shared on this site.

Our staff is busy with adoptions. How much of their time does it take?

We know adoptions can take time, and when your shelter is busy it can get a bit crazy. The good news is entering new adopters into the system takes less than a min, and integrates seamlessly into your adoption process.

Why should a shelter use this program?

We think this one is a given! 🙂 However let’s explain, dogs are in shelters mostly due to behavior issues. Not all, but a large majority. We all know the new owners are going to deal with these issues, and we give you the first scalable free post adoption training platform for your adopters.

How long does it take to get started?

As soon as you fill out your shelters information on our Getting Started page we can have you up and running in no time!

Does our shelter need to sign a contract?

No! Our site uses an agreement that is month to month keeping things flexible for your shelter.  Getting something new started at a municipal shelter can take a long time, and adding a contract makes that process really slow.

Does this need to get approved by our county, or board?

Hmmm? That’s a question only you, and your specific organization can answer. With our company using a non contractual agreement, and the fact there is zero cost to the shelter. Most shelter managers, and directors can give the go ahead for our program. Remember this is FREE and always will be!

Does this need to go to bid in order to get approved?

If you didn’t have to go to bid to use a Facebook page for your shelter then chances are you don’t when using us either. Bidding normally is required when you are paying for a service that cost over the allotted amount the shelter can spend. It’s more for adding third party contractors than an online service company like ours. We are free just like Facebook or Instagram.

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