Shelter Partner Program

A Scalable Post Adoption Support Program

Our Story

Years ago while working as a career dog trainer I was volunteering in my spare time to train at local shelters and rescues. It became so rewarding working in this community and helping hard to place dogs find new homes. Through this experience I adopted a border collie named Whiskey that inspired me to create this training platform.

I had an epiphany that if I could help progress one rescue dog like Whiskey so far, how may others around the world could I impact if I had the time?? This was a question in my heart I couldn’t let go, and my son came up with the answer. He said “Why don’t you just record some videos and post them online for everyone to see!” and with that was born.

In the beginning we started with my son recording me on a camera phone, and through trial & error we’ve grown into a full blown production team with the ability to share this life changing information with state of the art technology unlike anyone else in the industry.

With years and thousands of hours experience working in the shelter community we’re revolutionizing the post adoption world by providing a scalable no cost program that works. It is our mission to reach every adopter in the country and ultimately the world by partnering with every single shelter we can, and we won’t stop until this mission is accomplished!

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