Shelter Partner Program

A Scalable Post Adoption Support Program

Case Study with Riverside County Animal Services 

After we came up with the idea of a post adoption retention training platform there was only one problem, it had never been done before. We had no track record yet to prove our success to a shelter, and we needed one that was progressive and forward thinking to test it out and support us as we gathered feedback to refine it. This proved to be a real challenge until we partnered up with Riverside County Animal Services.

It has been a match made in doggy heaven, they went above and beyond and have exceeded all of our expectations. They’ve become true partners in our crusade, from letting us shoot videos in their facilities with their staff and animals to providing expert advice. The results that have come have been astounding with over a 94% opt in rate for all of their adopters as well as huge positive user and staff feedback, morale is through the roof from all the amazing results.

We now have well over a year’s experience and are ready to partner up with more shelters who are ready to increase retention by providing a real solution.

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