Shelter Partner Program

A Scalable Post Adoption Support Program

About Our Shelter Partner Program

The Problem:

We all know that most dogs that end up in a shelter have some sort of behavioral issue, and if that issue was fixed they would be easily placed and retention would increase dramatically. Unfortunately shelters don’t have the time, or resources to fix most behavioral problems at the shelter. Enrichment activities, and basic care are hard enough let alone trying to add the burden of training even if you have a great behavioral staff. Post adoption care is nearly impossible for shelters with current resources, leaving the new adopter fending for themselves when they leave. Most owners would love to have their dog trained, but either don’t know a good trainer or have financial means to pay for one. There needs to be a scalable post adoption program that can be implemented, and one group training class isn’t enough.

Our Solution:

We are the only one of a kind scalable post adoption platform in the market today for shelters. We provide online training videos for the brand new adopter from the moment they take home their new dog through the rest of the dog’s life! These videos are short, simple, and can easily be watched from any computer or mobile device. We have over a 90% active user rate with adopters! That’s amazing that 9 out of 10 of your dogs being adopted are receiving positive training, this increases retention. We not only want to keep the dogs in the homes, but make sure their quality of life is improved. Not left in a back yard because their behavior problems are so bad that the owners don’t know how to deal with them.

How Are Program Works:

Our program is really simple for a shelter to get started with. Just follow the simple steps in the getting started tab, and your shelter will be using this program in no time.  Once your shelter goes through the getting started process adding new adopters is very simple, and does not take much time at all.  When a person adopts a new dog you simply add their name and email to our system and the shelter’s job is DONE we take it from there!

Once they have been activated they now have access to free online training videos that will help them get off to a great start.  We cover everything from potty training, proper leash walking, and much more!

Our Team:

Strut My Mutt is a collective group of dog loving professionals that use scientifically proven positive based training methods, and cutting edge technology to deliver scalable dog training solutions. We have many years of combined dog training experience, and are passionate about investing it into supporting municipal shelters.

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