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Finally there is a online training platform for shelters dogs.
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We Are A Post Adoption Platform For Shelters

How Our Program Works

Find A Partner Shelter

Adopt your dog from one of our partner shelters. They will input you into our site, and we will send you a registration email confirming your login info.

Get Registered On Site

Check your inbox and junk folder for your welcome email, and continue back to the site to login.

Train Your Dog

Now that you’re account is set up you’re ready to go! Watch the training videos, and start applying the lessons with your dog right away to get off on the right paw!

STRUT Your Mutt!

Mutt Strutting is the phenomena that happens after our owners go through the program, and get so excited at the results they have to take their dog out everywhere to show them off!

Are You A Brand New Dog Adopter?

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Why Use Strutmymutt image Dog

Why Use Our Training

That’s easy … because it’s simple and it works! The videos play on all mobile devices so you can train him anywhere; at home, in your backyard, or at the park. You’ll see fantastic results fast when you use our positive reinforcement training system, and it only takes a few minutes a day. No more hurting or intimidating the dog, join thousands of other happy dog owners and dogs who use our system. Find out just how rewarding training your own dog can be!

Bond Through Training

Training with your dog can be fun for you, your dog, and family members. When you use a simple, compassionate, and easy-to-use training method it helps the family come together and bond with the dog on a deeper level. Something amazing takes place when this happens, an enriching harmony that makes your household a more enjoyable special place to be! lady holding puppies
Strutmymutt with Jason Rae

Every Dog Needs A Hero

It’s sad but true…so many dogs are left neglected at home because they aren’t controllable in public. Be their hero by investing the time in their training allowing  them the opportunity to be with you out in the community. Just about every dog will blossom and do well out in public with the right training.


Strutmymutt is now partnering with shelters and rescues nationwide to help increase their adoptions, and lower their returns. What this means to you as a new adopter is you get free online training, and ongoing coaching and support. The best part is that’s it’s simple, and doesn’t require a huge time commitment.

The price you pay for a well trained dog is hard work, love, and consistency. A small price to pay for the amazing experience you will have. Remember, respect isn’t free simply because you own your dog it must be earned through building a trusting bond.

– Jason Rae

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